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Confidence Tarot Reading

Stand in Your Power Reading

✧ You have a wealth of knowledge, talent and skills available to you but are afraid to showcase them

✧ This reading is for those who keep their gifts hidden out of fear and lack confidence in their abilities

✧ Uncover those fears and know what steps to take to find the courage to stand in your truth

✧ Get clear on what you can accomplish and how you can be more confident in who you are

✦ Fully customizable reading designed to meet your specific needs.  I work with you directly to get to the root of what you really want to know

✦ Receive a personalized, detailed write-up by email within 5-10 days

✦ Your reading includes messages meant for you, tips to take action and additional resources to dig deeper

✦ Email check-in from me in 3 and 9 months on your progress

✦ Please review my Code of Ethics and FAQs for more information