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This post is for you if you…

  • follow a path of success defined by society/parents/teachers/friends
  • are unsure of what success means to you
  • want to know how viewing success differently helps with manifestation
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The Purpose of this Post

We all want to see our dreams manifest into reality.  The thrill of getting what we want is even more amazing to some if it fits the narrative of those who mean the most to us (or have the most influence in our lives).  


But if you take a step back and really think about whether what you are manifesting (or not) is truly successful, a lot of times it’s not.  We just think it is.  If we take on the expectations of others in our lives instead of being true to what we truly desire, are we successful?  If you aren’t getting what you dream of does that mean a lack of success?  


The purpose of my post today is to help you define what success means to you and how viewing it with a different perspective can boost your manifestation power. 


Not Your Mama’s Success

Think back to all the times in your life you felt successful.  What happened?  What did you accomplish?  Why did you feel triumphant?  Was the goal yours?


For a lot of us, the early part of our life is spent doing whatever we can to make our parents proud of us.  There is nothing quite like the warm feeling of basking in the praise of those who, for lack of a better word, have complete control over our life.  Do well in school?  Guaranteed happy parents.  Excel in sports or other extracurricular activities?  Again, proud parents.  Achieve that medical career that was expected/pushed/demanded of you?  You are thoroughly successful in making everyone happy.


Except, perhaps, yourself. 


It’s tough throwing off the conditioning that others have placed on us or that we have placed on ourselves.  When you understand that perhaps you have been living your life and defining your success based on the expectations of others, you have given yourself the gift of a perspective shift.  Identifying patterns of behavior you have exhibited over the years is monumental in redefining what success means to you and having the ability to take it one step further into finally manifesting what YOU want.


So, What Does Success Have to Do with Manifesting?

There is a misconception out there that manifestation is hard.  We tend to forget that we were born with a masters degree in the Law of Attraction and have been effectively using it our entire lives.  The issue is that we manifest the negative and undesirable and then believe we are terrible at it. 


Think you are going to have a bad day and then it happens?  Success. 


Believe you are going to fail a test and then you do?  Success. 


The flip side of that coin is that you do believe you are a successful manifestor because you have achieved absolutely everything you wanted in life.  However, beneath all of that success is an underlying current of discontent.


Either way, it all boils down to how you see success. 


If you truly want to make the powers of manifestation work for you, it is imperative that you first tear down all definitions of what success means to you and then redefine it in your own way.  Next comes the understanding of how to direct this newfound idea of success into manifesting what you DO want and not what you DON’T.


How to Redefine Success

Now comes the action part of this post.  I highly encourage you to grab a journal and your favorite writing utensil and start getting honest with yourself.  


What is your current definition of success?  Write out instances in your life where you felt truly accomplished.


When have you been unsuccessful?  Why?


For each situation you noted above, determine where the idea that accomplishment meant success or failure came from.  For example, if you were the leading goal scorer on your high school soccer team, why was this successful?  Because it made your parents happy?  Because you were recognized in school?  


Which of these successful/unsuccessful events were pushed onto you by others?  What decisions did you make based on the expectations of other people?  For example, you were the leading goal scorer but you secretly hated playing soccer.  You played because you knew this is what your dad really wanted and you wanted to make him happy.  Is this truly a success?


Go back to each success/failure you listed and try and remember how you felt when you achieved/didn’t achieve it.  Getting acquainted with how your body reacts will help you when you define success on your own terms. 


Where in your life are you still trying to achieve the goals of others?  What is the worst that could happen if you stopped?


If you continue to follow the path set for you by others, what will your life look like?  How will you feel looking back at the end of your life?


Let’s start from a blank slate.  Allow yourself to dream big without restraint.  Imagine you have everything you need to achieve this dream (money/life circumstance/etc).  What do you desire?  What makes your heart sing?  What would you do even if you never received payment?


Now, think about how you will feel when you are successful at achieving this dream.  This is important, so take a moment to close your eyes and visualize that you have already accomplished what you want.  Feel the success in your body.

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Manifesting and Your Newfound Definition of Success

Yes!!  You have effectively destroyed all other ideas and influences of success and created your own.  Now the fun can start!


As I mentioned earlier, you already know how to manifest.  You just need a little adjustment in your focus.  Chasing dreams that are not your own is no way to live.  Because you now know what your heart desires, you can turn your energy from thinking about what doesn’t feel good and focus on what does.  That is the secret sauce behind successful manifestation: consistent attention on what you want (not what you don’t).  Add in visualization and acting as if your dream has already happened and you are gold. 


Manifesting Action Plan


Think about your dream daily as if it has already happened.  Visualize what that looks/feels/smells like.  If you feel any doubt whatsoever creep in, this is a clue to go back and take a smaller step.  


For example, your deepest dream is to quit your job and work for yourself.  However, currently you are barely making ends meet and really need that consistent paycheck your job guarantees.  What can you do today that will move you one step forward towards your dream?  Maybe it is finally starting to write that blog you have been putting off.  This is where you start your manifestation process.  Picture how you will feel when you are consistently writing.  The key is to break down your dream into small, bite sized chunks.    


Take aligned action.  Don’t expect things to magically happen for you if you only sit around and wait for it.  The universe wants to know you want it.  Visualize how you will feel with a successful job while simultaneously actually writing a blog.  


Express gratitude daily.  You can’t expect abundance if you don’t already see the abundance you have. 


Practice, practice, practice.  Manifesting in a way that moves you towards what you do want instead of what you don’t takes work.  We are so conditioned to see the negative or to chase after dreams that aren’t our own that it is going to take concerted effort to change this habit.  Start small and work your way up.  Achieving bite sized goals will give you the confidence you need to keep going. 

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Final Thoughts on Viewing Success with a Different Perspective

Redefining what success means to you and using it towards powerful manifestation is a life changing exercise.  As you start to build a solid foundation, you will continue to build upon what you already know to be true to you.  You will experience a joy and feeling of accomplishment unlike any you have felt before.  


I am so excited for you!!!  Remember to be perfectly honest and take small steps.  I believe in you.

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