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Life Lessons from the Major Arcana: #9

This post is for you if you…

  • don’t think you have a purpose
  • have difficulty trusting the answers you receive from your inner voice
  • think as an introvert, you already know how to listen


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The Purpose of My Post

Anyone who knows me knows my passion for living in full and complete self-expression.  I am so tired of all of the rules and regulations of living a socially acceptable life and believe doing so stifles purpose.  After pulling The Hermit this morning, I started thinking about what lesson the card brings for those of us who are already introverted and have no problem going inside ourselves and having deep conversations. 

What else could The Hermit be telling me?  Suddenly a thought popped into my head as I pondered this question.  Yesterday I had a nagging feeling that if I just stopped long enough to listen, I would have the answer to a question that has been bugging me for some time.  Always feeling like I am so close to the solution, the answer continues to evade me.  It’s like trying to grasp onto a cloud.     


Then it hit me.  The Hermit was trying to tell me going inward is not the problem.  The issue is when I go inward, I continuously ignore my inner voice.  Therefore, the purpose of my post is to help those of you who do the same learn to listen and then trust this inner voice so you can live a purpose aligned life.  To help me do this, I will use the Fool and her journey to better illustrate my point.  


The Fool’s Journey

Who is the Fool?

Fearless and enthusiastic, the Fool is the faith-filled wild spirit in the tarot who excitedly embarks on adventures she is being called to by her soul.  She has complete trust in the Universe and can be viewed as an innocent who is open to all she encounters.  

How Does She Relate to You?

The Fool represents each of us on our hero’s journey to know ourselves and live our purpose. Every Major Arcana card in tarot represents its own lesson, so as the Fool visits each one she gains insight and guidance that keeps her on her path. 

Stages of the Fool’s Journey


The Fool's Journey

Who is The Hermit?

She loved her alone time.  As an introvert, she was no stranger to the quiet silence that comes before the sun rises.  Feeling no desire to do anything other than sit on the couch with a hot cup of tea, she stared out the window at the dark nothingness that hid the trees she knew were there.  


Why am I here?


What is the point of being alive?


What is my purpose in life?  


So many questions, so many unanswered.  On the verge of frustration, she gave up contemplating the deeper nuances of life and turned instead to her phone.  Opening up Instagram, the familiar feeling of wistfulness crept in.  


I guess I am just stuck, she thought as she gazed at the women scrolling by that appeared to have their lives figured out.  There is no point in even trying to do anything meaningful with my life because I can’t even figure out what I am supposed to do.  


Two hours later, she looked out the window at the sun rising in the sky and with a sigh of resignation got up to begin her day.  As she looked for more things to distract her, she didn’t hear her inner voice calmly saying “I’ll try again tomorrow”.   


The Hermit’s Lesson

You already know the answers to every question you have.  The key is to actually listen.  


I am incredibly guilty of this.  An introvert through and through, I have no issues sitting in silence and going within for as long as I need to.  The problem is when I keep asking so many questions and never take a minute to actually wait for the answers.  It’s like having a conversation with someone who never. stops. talking.  


They keep wanting to know what to do but can’t quit the word vomit long enough to freaking listen to someone who has the answers.  


If you find yourself often feeling frustrated from having so many unanswered major life questions, then you are the one who needs to be quiet for a minute and listen.  Your inner voice/soul/higher self/authentic self is trying to give you the answers but you can’t hear them over your incessant talking (yes, even introverts can talk non-stop in their heads).  


The Hermit reminds us that ignoring your inner voice is the source of feeling lost and unsure.


Main Lesson:  Go within to hear the truth…and then actually listen to what is being said.

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How to Listen to Yourself

Now that we have established that you are really good at asking questions, let’s discuss how you can improve your listening skills in three simple steps. 



Shut Up

As introverts, we are amazing listeners.  In fact, it is the number one thing people use to describe me when asked: Jen is the best listener.  


Cool.  However, this doesn’t quite extend to myself (and I am guessing if you have read this far, the same goes for you).  If you haven’t given yourself the same courtesy you give to others, this is the first place to start.  



When you ask yourself a question, pause.  It might even be helpful if you establish a certain amount of time you want to pause before you even ask so you have already set a boundary.  Pull out your phone and set a timer.  Also, don’t expect to get an answer immediately.  You will as you practice this more, but until you get used to stopping and waiting for an answer it may take longer than you think. 



Cultivate Patience

Yet another of my downfalls…patience.  If I ask a question, I want an answer yesterday. Unfortunately, your inner voice is not Google.  It’s unlikely you will have a list of 512 answers at the ready for your perusing pleasure after you ask a question. 



When you feel impatience creeping in (you know…that antsy feeling that shows up as a tight chest, squirming in your chair or an urge to say screw it), breathe.  You won’t get anywhere if all you focus on is how much you don’t want to be doing this because it never works for you. 


Make a conscious effort to give yourself time to hear what your authentic self is trying to tell you.  If you haven’t taken the time to listen before, it is especially important because you probably can’t distinguish the difference between the two voices in your head (ego and authentic).  Hint: your ego voice is loud and emotional while your authentic voice is calm and quiet. 



Trust What You Hear

Once you get good at hearing the answers buried deep in your soul, you may think you are good to go.  And you may very well be if you have also simultaneously developed the habit of trusting with certainly the answers that are given.  


I am not one of those people.


Answers come to me constantly and like clockwork, I second guess them immediately.  My middle name should be Overanalyzer because I am here to tell you I am amazing at it.  



How can you tell if you don’t fully trust what you hear?  You don’t if you have ever thought the following:

  • I just made that up in my head.
  • No way, that can’t be the answer. 
  • Ha, sure, like that will ever happen. 
  • How can I be sure that is the real answer?
  • I am going to come back later and ask again. 
  • That doesn’t make sense so it’s wrong. 
  • I have no idea what the hell that means.  


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Why Trusting Yourself is the Key to Living Your Purpose

It is my firm and confident belief that each of us has a purpose for being alive.  I also believe that we make figuring out our purpose and living aligned with it daily so much harder than it has to be.  


Your purpose is to be yourself.  End of story. 


This may seem overly simple to some of you, but if you think about it, it makes total sense.  We spend so much time conforming to convention and the expectations of others while ignoring our truth.  It is very rare to encounter another soul who is truly and unapologetically themselves and when we do, it often triggers us in one sense or another. 


For me, I am completely awed by those who embody authenticity.  It sparks a yearning in me that makes me want to flip a middle finger to the status quo and live the way I want to.  This is my definition of ultimate freedom.  


For my partner, seeing people express themselves in ways that aren’t “normal” ignites such uncomfortableness that he projects his own insecurities onto them.  In essence, he views their refusal to live “acceptably” as a wrong. 

For both of us, we are caging ourselves by embracing the comfort of convention.  My yearning to live unencumbered doesn’t mean I will and his disdain for those who do paralyzes him.  


Neither of us are living fully in our purpose but both of us are receiving messages that show us the way forward.  If we don’t trust these messages, as different as they are for each of us, we will never find meaning in our life.  If we don’t have meaning in our life, we will stay searching for some.  If we remain searching for some, we will never do what we came here to do.  


You are receiving answers to questions (even the unasked ones) constantly.  They show up in irritations, feelings of awe, yearnings and desires.  You must learn to trust the message. 

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How to Trust Yourself

Purpose is your reason for being.  Without it, you will always feel like something is missing in your life.  Keeping in mind that your purpose = being unapologetically yourself, here are 6 ways you can learn to trust the answers you receive:


Face Your Fears

Feeling resistance to what you hear?  Treat this as a red flag to dig deeper into what is causing it.  This is a great time to engage in some shadow work and uncover your limiting beliefs. 


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Don’t Wait for Confidence

There is never a perfect time for anything.  Don’t wait for the “ideal” circumstances before you start, they don’t exist.  


What’s the Worst that Can Happen?

If you are having a hard time taking the next step forward, ask yourself this question.  My favorite answer?  Jen, you aren’t going to die.  Just do it.  


Remember You are Human

Perfectionism is the enemy to progress and growth.  None of us are perfect and will never be.  Mistakes are how we learn and get stronger. 


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Accept Your Innate Gifts

You are the way you are for a reason and no matter what you think, you weren’t given the short end of the stick when it comes to qualities.  Your traits are the tools you were given to live your purpose.  It’s time you accept this as fact and stop trying to change who you are. 


Look at the Big Picture

Ask yourself: will I regret this at the end of my life?  If the answer is yes, trust it.  Discomfort in the moment is nothing compared to the remorse you will face at the end of your life if you don’t follow your path.  


Final Thoughts on Trusting Yourself So You Can Live Your Purpose

It’s amazing how easy it is to write a blog post when I am passionate about the subject.  The words flow from my keyboard and it is hard for my fingers to keep up.  It’s almost as if I am merely taking dictation from a higher source instead of actively thinking of what to say (hint…I am).


This is the flow you want to find yourself in when you discover what your purpose is in this lifetime.  Stepping fully into who you are and not allowing anyone or anything to derail you is when this flow happens.  It’s what I wish for you on a daily basis…it’s where you find your magic.  


Learning to listen and trust yourself are the first steps to finding your flow and living aligned with your purpose.  Take it slowly and no matter what, take small steps forward on your path.  Remember the lesson of The Hermit on your journey into authenticity. 

I believe in you.   


About Jen

Proud introvert, intuitive entrepreneur, and spiritual activist. On a mission to embolden my fellow introverts to quietly change the world.


Continue to follow the Fool on her journey through the Major Arcana and she will lead you to where you want to be: living the life of your dreams.  Next stop:  The Tower. 

▷ I am currently in the process of writing the Fool’s journey through each of the 22 Major Arcana cards.  Rather than wait and release them at once, I decided to post them as I finished writing in the hopes that it would help inspire at least one beautiful soul.  Keep checking back for the newest installment or sign up here to be notified when a new one is available.  

Also, I am not writing these in order as I am relying on my intuition to tell me which lesson is most needed right now.  Thank you so much for reading.  I am honored you have invited me in.  

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*images from The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne

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