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Life Lessons from the Major Arcana: #2

This post is for you if you…

  • Are interested in developing your intuition
  • Want to know what intuition feels like
  • Are open to learn how you are blocking your inner voice

The Purpose of My Post

I want to change the world, create a shift in perspective and raise the collective consciousness.  It is my utmost belief that every one of us has a gift to share with the world but we make it too hard and give up before we start.  I want to help you overcome the hurdles in front of you so you can bring your gift to the world that so desperately needs it.   

The Fool’s Journey

Who is the Fool?

Fearless and enthusiastic, the Fool is the faith-filled wild spirit in the tarot who excitedly embarks on adventures she is being called to by her soul.  She has complete trust in the Universe and can be viewed as an innocent who is open to all she encounters.  

How Does She Relate to You?

The Fool represents each of us on our hero’s journey to know ourselves and live our purpose. Every Major Arcana card in tarot represents its own lesson, so as the Fool visits each one she gains insight and guidance that keeps her on her path. 

Stages of the Fool’s Journey


The Fool's Journey

Who is The High Priestess?

Silent and calm, the High Priestess gives off an air of serene wisdom.  She sits cross-legged on a colorful silk pillow, her eyes closed.  The wind blows a gentle breeze through her long hair and she breathes in tune with the nature around her.  Most in her element outdoors, she connects with every living being around her without saying a word.  The High Priestess is fully in her feminine energy, receiving the gifts of knowledge from the collective conscious through her highly developed intuition.  Her message to you?  Simply listen. 

The High Priestess’ Lesson

Most of us have looked outside of ourselves for the answers to our problems, big and small.  When the High Priestess comes up in a reading, she is reminding you that you already know what to do in any situation, all you have to do is listen to that quiet inner voice. 

Main Lesson:  You Already Know the Answer

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What is Intuition?

Intuition is the ability to understand something unconsciously.  It is a knowing deep within you and doesn’t follow logic or reason.  

Why is Intuition Important?

When you pay attention to your intuition, you hear directly from your soul.  Intuition is the home of meaning and purpose in your life – if you desire to live aligned with your passion, you must know how to connect with it.   

What does Intuition Feel Like?

We are all familiar with the voice in our head, the loud one that often criticizes and tells us how we mess up.  That is your Ego Voice.  What I want you to know is that your other voice, the quieter one, is your Intuitive Voice.  That’s the one that guides you from love, not from fear (as your ego often does).  

The good thing is it is relatively easy to tell the two apart and your body is amazing at distinguishing between them.  All you have to do is pay attention to your feelings – feeling calm and peaceful?  That’s your Intuitive Voice.  Feeling tight and anxious?  Yep, you guessed it!  Your Ego Voice.  

Ego (Fear) 










Intuition (Higher Self)











Are You Intuitive?

Yes!!  We are all intuitive.  Some of us use our intuition more than others naturally, but every one of us can develop a connection through practice. 

What I find fascinating is that as introverts, we have an easier time with our practice just because of how we are wired:  we prefer solitude, are amazing listeners, and have the ability to go deep in reflection.  As you probably figured out, these are all ways that make it easier to hear our true selves.

How You Block Your Intuition


This can be fear of being yourself, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of the unknown.  Whatever your fear (or fears) are, they always stem from some sort of limiting belief or shadow that you don’t want to face.  

Not Trusting Yourself

 Ever get an idea that makes you feel good but you dismiss it because you believe you can never make it happen?  Or maybe you overthink it to death.  Whatever your method of choice, I am here to tell you that the ideas you hear within would never have happened if you were not capable of turning them into reality.  


Your intuition may be talking to you all day long and you probably even hear it – but you brush it aside because you don’t believe it is talking to you. When you receive ideas that you perceive to be too out there, you are walking away from opportunities that are opening for you.  You must learn to trust not only your inner voice but also that you have what it takes to act on it.   


Sometimes your ego is just plain LOUD!!  The more attention you give it, the louder it becomes until it completely drowns out your intuition.  When this happens, it is necessary to acknowledge it (hello ego, I hear you but I don’t need your input right now) and ask it to go away.  As weird as this may sound, it works.  Try talking to your ego like you would a friend.  Be respectful but set your boundaries.  You may be surprised at how responsive it is.  


Think of this as the classic bury my head in the sand mentality.  You know you have an inner voice, you know it is talking to you and what is asking you to do.  But you make the choice to ignore it with distractions – your phone, Netflix, cleaning the toilet for the 5th time.  


If you have already loaded up your brain with a billion things to do and all at the same time, there is no way you have the capacity to hear what your authentic self is telling you.  Kind of  like distraction, multi-tasking is another form of turning a blind eye (or in this case, ear) to where you are being called. 

Outside Validation

Finding yourself constantly asking others for their opinions on what you should do with a problem or situation is just asking for your for intuition to run and hide.  I am going to remind you again:  You already know the answer.  But you will never hear it unless you ask yourself first.  I am not saying to never ask someone else their thoughts.  What I am urging you to do is to go inward before going outside of yourself.  Once you know where you stand, you can hear the opinions of others with an open and curious mind.    

Fully in Your Masculine Energy

Intuition is a fully feminine energy trait.  If you are channeling full on masculine energy, it kills any receptivity that is necessary to connect with your intuition.  The more you practice slowing down, quieting your mind and stopping forcing things, the easier it will become to develop a relationship with your authentic self. 


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Ways to Connect with Your Intuition in Your Daily Life


Alone time is the perfect setting for practicing your intuition.  Make it a habit to set aside time daily to be by yourself without distraction.  Use this time to find out how you best hear your true inner voice.  Intuition doesn’t show up the same for everyone, so make sure you don’t think you will only hear it.  Perhaps you will see signs or smell a certain smell.  Until you know for sure, solitude will give you the space to experiment. 


Draw, paint, dance or create a Pinterest board!  Find a creative outlet that sets your soul on fire.  When you do, release any rules you have (coloring in the lines, dancing with rhythm,etc).  Allow yourself the freedom of full self-expression and it won’t be long until your intuition comes calling. 

Listen to Your Body

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  your body is simply amazing.  Nothing short of miraculous, you have a built in GPS system with you wherever you go and whatever situation you encounter.  Practice really feeling your emotions.  Pay attention to where tightness or expansion rests in your being.  These are your red and green lights on the road of life. 

Pay Attention to Your Dreams

Your intuition often speaks to you while you sleep.  The key is to actually remember your dreams when you wake up.  This is hard for me, so I have started keeping a dream journal and a pen right beside my bed.  When I wake up, the first thing I do is write down what I can remember.  Then, during your alone time, go over what you wrote and see if anything else comes up for you.  

Go Outside

Nature has a beautiful, serene quality that awakens your senses and speaks to your soul.  If you get stuck trying to connect with yourself, take a break and go outside, preferably barefoot.  Really root into the ground and allow the energy of the Earth to rise up into you.  Try and clear your mind and simply look around you.  If nothing else, it’s the practice of receiving the bounty around you in your senses which is great practice to awaken your intuition. 


How are you connecting with your true self?  I would love to hear about your journey in the comments!

    Continue to follow the Fool on her journey through the Major Arcana and she will lead you to where you want to be: living the life of your dreams.  Next stop:  The Lovers. 

    ▷ I am currently in the process of writing the Fool’s journey through each of the 22 Major Arcana cards.  Rather than wait and release them at once, I decided to post them as I finished writing in the hopes that it would help inspire at least one beautiful soul.  Keep checking back for the newest installment or sign up here to be notified when a new one is available.  

    Also, I am not writing these in order as I am relying on my intuition to tell me which lesson is most needed right now.  Thank you so much for reading.  I am honored you have invited me in.  

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