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5 Day Plan to
Get Visible on Instagram

Hey new, introverted coach!

Download my top tips + a doable, 5 day action plan to help you get visible on Instagram without the overwhelm so you can

build your business with ease!

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    You can be a successful entrepreneur as an introvert.

    You’re here because you know you are made for more.  You dream of finally quitting that 9 to 5 job, signing premium clients and building a profitable business with ease, all without the overwhelm.   I am so happy we’ve found each other because it’s time you stop feeling stuck.

    Fact is… there are some things you can do alone but it will take you SO much longer to get to the end result.  

    Sometimes, your fears and overwhelm just gets in the way, and you need dedicated 1:1 coaching to break through.

    I see you. Hey, I’m Jen, and I know all about what you’re going through. In case we’ve never met before, let me tell you a little bit about me… 

    • I am an introvert who worked in a soul-sucking corporate job for 23 years
    • I spent 4 years trying to build a business that would allow me to quit
    • I spent too much $$$ for group coaching and courses that left me exactly where I started

    I started 1:1 coaching because I believe there is a gap in the coaching industry when it comes to introverts.  We have special qualities that are perfectly suited to our desire to coach others but too often we are made to feel inadequate or inferior because we aren’t loud.  

    I help you:

    • find the courage to get visible on Instagram so you can start attracting premium clients
    • uncover fears and transform limiting beliefs that hold you back 
    • finally take consistent action so you can build a profitable and successful business that pays the bills (and excites you!)


    I believe you have the power to do incredible things, make an impact & do it your way.  I believe as an introvert, you are uniquely equipped to be insanely successful as a coach and can help others be as well.  And most importantly, I believe you deserve to quit that soul-sucking job and finally find the freedom do what lights you up.

    I’ve helped new introvert coaches just like you build confidence and create a succcessful business that they’re proud of, without all the typical B.S. that comes along with mainstream coaching that caters to extroverts.

    I’m different than your typical coach because I’ve been in your shoes. 

    • I was a champion overthinker, perfectionist and 2nd guesser
    • I had a massive fear of showing my face and getting visible on Instagram
    • I thought I had to know everything before I started
    • I built my business while working full time at a corporate job I hated and as a single mom
    • I know what it’s like to think you are flawed because you are an introvert
    • I tried to do everything on my own with no direction or support

    But listen, I’m anything but “normal,” I’m an introvert after all!  I think that automatically makes me a rebel.  And I fully support all the weird, quirky, rebel introverts who are ready to uncover and embrace their badass qualities!

    My approach is unique because I don’t follow mainstream coaching programs.  You will never hear me say you need to be loud or dance on camera or do anything is against your nature. 

    Will I push you out of your comfort zone?  You bet!  But instead of trying to force you to ignore your introversion, I help you enhance your superpower qualities that were given to you for a reason. 

    So if you’re ready to get rid of overwhelm, build confidence to show up authentically on Instagram and build a business with ease, let’s talk.  Your world is about to shift forever.

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    Hi!  I’m Jen Ems

    Proud introvert, intuitive entrepreneur and spiritual activist.  On a mission to embolden my fellow introverts to quietly change the world.

    I am insanely passionate about authentic self-expression.  As an introvert, I was always encouraged to be someone I wasn’t to “fit in” better in an extroverted world.  I spent 23 years in a corporate job I hated, always dreaming of owning my own business but never thinking I had what it took to make it happen.

    I spent YEARS downloading thousands of freebies, bought courses and avoided getting visible thinking I could somehow make this happen.  Then one day I had enough.  I was sick of feeling miserable and knew I had to make a change FAST.

    That’s when I hired my first 1:1 coach and things changed OVERNIGHT.  I’m not even joking…literally in 24 hours.  Suddenly I had someone who understood what my blocks were and how to go around them.  Instead of figuring it out on my own, I had someone who was my biggest mentor, supporter and cheerleader.

    This is why I do what I do.  Because I want to help you BEFORE you spend years and $$$ trying to do this on your own.  You have introverted superpowers and I am here to remind you of just how powerful you are.

    5 Day Plan to
    Get Visible on Instagram

    Hey new, introverted coach! Download my top tips + a doable, 5 day action plan to help you get visible on Instagram without the overwhelm so you can build your business with ease!
      I won't send you spam. Unsubscribe at any time.