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This post is for you if you…

  • are a new, introverted coach who wants to grow your business
  • have a fear of getting visible on Instagram
  • want an easy, doable action plan to face your fear
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The Purpose of This Post

When I made the decision to explore alternative avenues to market my new business other than Pinterest, I knew I wasn’t going to like what I had to do.  Intuitively knowing that social media was the obvious answer, as an introvert, the thought of putting myself out there terrified me.   

As per my usual mode of operation, I put it off forever, rationalizing to myself all of the reasons why I didn’t need to start yet.  Of course, this rationalization was pure fear and it was this fear that kept me firmly in my comfort zone for years.  Therefore, it was no surprise when I just wasn’t growing my business.  

Every major shift in my life has always been preceded by a major undercurrent of restlessness.  It keeps getting louder and louder, making me more uncomfortable until I finally make the decision to do something to make it stop.  Getting visible on Instagram was my next step and no amount of excuses could make it go away.  Yes, it was the biggest fear I had faced so far in growing my business (and believe me, I have had a LOT) but it was also the catalyst that pushed me into the largest transformation of my life. 

The purpose of my post today is to tell you how I overcame this fear and give you 5 easy steps that can help you do the same. 


My Love Hate Relationship With Social Media

I have never liked social media.  It always has seemed so intrusive and overwhelming to me.  As a late adopter to Facebook and definitely Instagram, I just didn’t get it.  Why would anyone want to share so many details about their life?  As far as I was concerned, no one cared what I had for dinner or what my kids were up to.  


One thing I did know, however, is that if I was going to be on social media for any length of time, Instagram felt so much more aligned than Facebook did.  As a rabid reader, this surprised me.  The very thing I loved the most (reading) is what turned me completely off of Facebook.  So, I made the decision to stop forcing myself to be on a platform that I just outright hated.  


As soon as that decision was made, I felt the pressure ease a bit.  Okay, I thought, I made a decision.  Yeah!!  It’s full steam ahead now…


I wish.  What happened is another few months of literally feeling like I was going to puke if I had to show my face on Instagram.  Forget video, I didn’t even want to put a picture of myself on there.  But, as usually happens when I am stalling on something that I need to do to keep moving forward, my discomfort at staying stagnant became worse than the fear of getting visible.  


So began my Instagram journey. 


Tip: Don’t force yourself to adopt a platform that doesn’t feel right.  I am not talking about staying comfortable and making excuses, I am saying that if you truly detest it, don’t do it.


Introverted Coaches and Instagram

Here is how my early days went: creating a post (usually an inspirational quote) on Canva, posting, then not sleeping at night out of fear of what people would think.  It was exhausting. 


I questioned my colors, my message, what the girl from high school now believed about me.  Overanalyzing, overthinking and overcritical could be 3 adjectives to describe me at that time.  It was ridiculous but completely necessary.  I had to go through this myriad of emotions so I could get to the point I am at now and help you through it.  


Social media as an introvert has its challenges, but I am here to tell you that you can easily manage them with the right tools and an open mindset.  


Tip: Accept the fact that this is going to be scary.  Don’t pigeonhole yourself into hiding behind your introvert label and giving yourself an excuse as to why you can’t (e.g. introverts don’t like getting visible, I’m an introvert therefore I’m going to stay hiding).


Let’s Talk About Fixed vs Growth Mindset

Before we get into the ways you can start getting visible, it is important to have a discussion about mindset first.  


(If you are anything like me, you won’t have any problem with this because it delays the actual action part that you are working so hard to avoid…I see you!)


There are two types of mindsets: growth and fixed.  I think it is fairly obvious which one is the best for growing your business, getting you out of your comfort zone and finally seeing the success that you so desperately desire.  But, in case it isn’t, I’ll quickly go into each. 


Let’s start with the one that is keeping you stuck.  A fixed mindset is one where you know what you know and nothing is going to change your mind.  It won’t shock you to know that even if you are open to change, if you don’t actively take steps to do so, you will still be in the exact same place this time next year.  


Think about that for a minute.  Do you want to be right where you are now this time next year?


If your answer is no, kudos to you!  Now you are open to hearing about the next mindset: growth.  A growth mindset is absolutely essential to adopt if you want to see any sort of success in your business.  It is flowing and ever-changing; you open your mind up to the infinite possibilities available to you, even when they are terrifying.  


Tip: Make a decision right now which mindset you wish to adopt (or keep).  Write it down, say it out loud, tell someone.  This is the first step to holding yourself accountable to achieve your dream. 


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    5 Easy Ways to Get Visible on Instagram as a New Introverted Coach

    Okay, now comes the fun (and scary) part!


    First, I want to acknowledge that this fear you have is very real.  Anyone can tell you to just get over it but I know it’s not that easy.  Which is why these 5 steps are ones that I took personally and know work.  As always, I am a firm believer that one size does not fit all, so feel free to adjust and tweak as needed.  But the one thing you have to do if you want to move forward into success is take consistent and aligned action towards your goal.  You can’t remain hiding forever (well, you can, but I wouldn’t expect success to just drop into your lap).  


    Know Your Why

    Why do you want to do this?  What motivates you to even think about getting visible on Instagram?  


    You MUST know this with absolute clarity.  Take the time to really think about it, then write it down and take it with you everywhere.  Personally, I am a huge fan of neon colored sticky notes.  My why is plastered all over in bright, happy colors: in my car, on my bathroom mirror, my bedside table, the lock screen on my phone, in random notebooks and about 20 places on my desk.  


    When you know your why, it gives you motivation to face what scares you because you know what is waiting for you on the other side. 


    Start Small

    A lot of introverts have all or nothing thinking.  


    • I must be perfect or it just isn’t worth it to try.  
    • I have to know everything or I can’t be successful.  
    • If I don’t have 927 posts immediately, I will fail. 


    This is massively overwhelming which inevitably leads to procrastination which in turn leads to staying stagnant and stuck. 


    To avoid this, start small.  You don’t have to be perfect, you don’t need to know everything and you don’t need to have it all finished now.  Remind yourself that each step you take forward is a huge win (and don’t forget to celebrate it!).  And don’t forget to actually take those steps. 


    Embrace Imperfection

    I don’t even like the word imperfection because it implies that there is some standard of perfect out there as a measuring stick (which is total, utter bs).

    But, I will use it because it gets my point across and that point is this: there is no such thing as perfect.  


    People like to see authenticity.  It is so refreshing after years and years of photoshop, filters, and unattainable beauty ideals.  When you show up as yourself, it builds the know, like and trust factor that is essential to growing your business.  


    Trust me on this one. I spent a long time mimicking others, trying to follow the “right formula” that would catapult me into success.  It’s not shocking it didn’t work.  As soon as I started showing up as myself, everything changed.  I posted a reel on Instagram and woke up the next morning to the following:


    “Seriously, you are my hero! ”

    “Your reels are my absolute favorite!”


    Wait…what?!  You actually liked it?  I thought I was being so boring!


    I was authentic, I gained followers and started relationships with my ideal clients who responded to my authenticity. 


    Use Stories

    The easiest way to get your face out there is to utilize the feature on Instagram that isn’t permanent: stories.  


    Stories only last for 24 hours, so it is the perfect starting point to get used to showing your face.  When I started doing this, I would take a picture of half of my face covered by my cat…then post 5 more pictures of my cat in the hopes that people would forget about me and focus on her.  I didn’t even look at who actually saw my stories because I didn’t think I could bear knowing.


    Do what you need to do to start feeling comfortable.  If that means doing what I did, do it!  The point is you are taking the small steps necessary to move forward and challenge yourself.  


    Also, don’t forget to utilize polls, sliders, gifs and question boxes to start engaging your audience.  And don’t get discouraged if only your family and friends are seeing your stories (or if you only have a small number of people looking).  When you get consistent, you will see that change.


    Get Personal

    Finally, practice getting personal.  Don’t think about creating things for your stories, instead document your day.  Share the walk with your dog or a picture of your planner for the day.  Eventually, you will have a strategy behind what you post, but for now just practice getting comfortable.  

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    Final Thoughts on Getting Visible as a New Introverted Coach

    So, how are you feeling?  A little excited yet nervous? I would be surprised if you weren’t!


    The one thing I want you to take away from this today is that you don’t have to do this overnight.  Find what you can do that pushes you into your fear zone and moves your forward.  If this means you post the view out of your window, pat yourself on the back!  You just took the first step into facing a fear that holds you back from your success. 


    To help you with this, I created an easy 5 Day Plan you can use to get started showing up on Instagram. You can find it here.  


    Make sure you follow me on Instagram, then tag me when you post your first story/post/reel so I can give you the love and encouragement that will keep you going and make this FUN!!

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