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The Purpose of This Post

My brain is mush.  The past week, I have pushed myself into overdrive trying to do everything all at once and do it well.  


Twelve hours a day, I research, write, create, brainstorm, educate and study.  I want to do more, be more.  Changing my mind 78 times a day as to which direction I want to take with my business is common as is second-guessing whether my Instagram post is stupid or not.  


Needless to say, I’m exhausted, utterly overwhelmed and all over the place.  


There is no way I can keep this up.  


On the verge of falling asleep with my eyes open, a thought popped into my head, something my coach reminded me of the other day (but I pushed aside).  She reminded me of the importance of having a solid and consistent morning routine.  All of a sudden, it clicked for me.  Why I felt like a hamster on a wheel running nowhere – I forgot to do my daily routine. 


The purpose of my post today is to share with you the absolute importance of having a morning routine tailored to you and practicing it EVERY DAY.


Why a Morning Routine?

I am an overthinker.  And a perfectionist.  Also an introvert, second-guesser, self-doubter, over-analyzer with a very active inner critic.  On my good days, I am able to shut this stuff down fairly well and on my not so good days…not so much.  


Because I also possess a very healthy dose of discipline and motivation, I often find myself forcing my way through things just to check the box.  As a result, I often feel rushed accompanied by a constant nagging in the back of my mind that I will never get any of this done.


And I’m probably right.  In ignoring the wise words of my coach, I also ignored a vital piece of success: the mindset adjustment a consistent morning routine gives me.  


How a Morning Routine Affects Mindset

It’s no secret that having a certain type of mindset helps your success.  You can easily determine where yours is by taking a second to pay attention to your thoughts.  But what a lot of us believe is that outside forces determine our mindset and we are pretty powerless to change it.  Or you know you have the power to change it but just lack the desire or knowledge of how to do so. 


This is where a morning routine comes in.  By making a conscious decision to actively practice one every single day without exception, you hold the power to not only change your mindset but also program it to be what you want it to be.  


And because no matter what you do in life is always 80% mindset, this is some pretty powerful stuff.  


Basically, this is another way to say you create your own reality. 

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    Benefits of a Morning Routine

    As I already mentioned, the biggest benefit of actively engaging in a morning routine is the power to determine your mindset every single day.  But in case that isn’t enough for you, here are a few more that may sway you to adopt this very important and life changing practice:

    • Less stress
    • More calm
    • Increased intentional focus
    • Inspiration
    • Clarity
    • Boosted Energy
    • More productivity
    • Feel in Control
    • Improve relationships
    • Confidence
    • Belief in yourself
    • Reduced overwhelm
    • Learn flow and flexibility
    • Improved health
    • Sense of wellbeing


    How to Create a Meaningful Morning Routine

    Now that you are convinced of the many benefits of incorporating a morning plan into your day, let’s talk about the importance of creating one that means something.  Because if you simply adopt a generic routine because you are “supposed” to, you won’t stick with it.  I can pretty much guarantee that. 


    For example, there are many posts out there about meditation and journaling.  These are amazing practices but if you would rather die than write in a journal, your morning routine results will not be what you want.  Instead of copying someone else’s idea of the perfect routine, you have to make your own and make it mean something.  


    So how do you do that?


    Decide what elements you want to incorporate

    You must determine what you can do long term.  There are ways to meditate other than sitting cross legged on a pillow with your eyes closed.  If you cannot picture yourself doing this every day, don’t.  Instead, if walking outside or practicing yoga always clears your mind, this is your meditation practice.  


    Think outside of the box and decide what works for you.


    Don’t forget the goal of a morning routine is to get your mind right so you can enter the rest of your day with confidence and flow.  With that being said, you want to start thinking about different ways to accomplish this. 


    For example, my morning routine consists of the following:

    • Visualization 
    • Meditation
    • Gratitude
    • Tarot card pull
    • Affirmations
    • Reading 


    I can and have done each of these for years, so I know they work for me.  How I go about each one is different from the way you might, but I know it works for me.  


    Establish how long your morning routine will be 

    I love to read and if I allow myself, will continue to read whatever book I have until its completion.  Obviously, this is not good for productivity.  Therefore, it is very important to set a time limit so you don’t give in to procrastination.


    My entire morning routine is 35 mins and is broken down like this:


    • Visualization – 1 minute
    • Meditation – 10 minutes (or less depending on how I feel)
    • Gratitude – 1 minute
    • Tarot Card Pull – 5 minutes
    • Affirmations – 3 minutes
    • Reading – 15 minutes


    I also suggest keeping your time realistic.  You may want to spend 2 hours on yours, but is this the best use of your time?  And can you do this every single day?  

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    3 Non-Negotiable Elements that Need to Be Part of Your Morning Routine

    Now that you have decided what you can keep doing long term and how long you will spend daily, let’s talk about the essentials.  There are 3 elements that must be part of your practice if you want this to work for you. 



    There are two ways to go about your day:  controlled by your ego or connected with your authentic self.  


    An Ego day looks like this: frantic, panicked, hurried, overwhelmed, fearful, overthinking, self-doubting


    An Authentic Self day looks like this: calm, centered, grounded, clear, intentional, sure, deliberate, confident


    See the difference?  


    I don’t think I have to guess which one you would rather experience.  All that is required to do so is to have a way of connecting to your intuition during your morning routine. 


    For me, meditation and my daily tarot pull are how I connect with mine.  As I mentioned before, find whatever works for you that you can do daily that clears your mind, quiets your ego/inner critic voice and allows you to hear the guidance meant for you each day.



    You may be the ultimate self-cheerleader but I most definitely am not.  I rely on outside sources to provide the inspiration that fuels my motivation and reminds me of my why.  To do this, I look to books.  


    Reading 15 minutes of inspiration every day keeps me on track and helps me stay focused on my goals.  Find your own source of inspiration.  It could be finding inspirational quotes on Instagram or looking at art.  Whatever it is, find your method and stick to it.  



    No matter what you want to accomplish, it is essential you make your thoughts work for you and not against you.  You can take all the action you wish but unless you truly believe you can achieve, all the action in the world won’t mean a thing.  


    This is where manifestation comes in.  


    Using the rules of the Law of Attraction, you want to focus on what you do want and not on what you don’t.  If your greatest desire is to be a successful business owner, your thoughts need to reflect that.  


    Instead of thinking “I am not sure I really have what it takes to be successful running my own business”, change it to “I am a confident and successful entrepreneur!”.  You can feel the difference, can’t you?


    Speaking of feeling, not only do you want to change your thoughts but you always want to feel them as if they already happened.  So when you say you are a successful entrepreneur, make sure you really feel in your body that success.  


    My visualization, gratitude and affirmations are part of this manifestation process.  If you want to dig a little deeper into how this works, check out the following:

    Manifesting: What You are Doing Wrong and How to Fix It

    How the Law of Attraction Changed My Life

    Final Thoughts on Creating a Meaningful Morning Routine that Sticks

    Don’t make this hard.  Keeping it simple is the best route and don’t be afraid to change it up if you find yourself having a hard time sticking to it.  The most important thing is to do it daily.  


    Speaking from experience, this is definitely something that most of us will have to practice and stay disciplined on.  If you truly want to see results in your life, this practice is absolutely essential.  Take some time building and tweaking yours until you find something that resonates and works.  


    Have fun!!  

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