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When the request for the reading came in, I instinctively knew she was asking about my favorite topic – how to be yourself.

Excitedly, I began the process of determining what my client was really asking, probing deeper into her initial question as to her struggles with what to do as her next career step.  She was unhappy with her corporate job and felt a pull to go out on her own as a tarot reader herself.

The problem she faced was not how to be a tarot reader but rather how to be a tarot reader without feeling the need to apologize for being who she really was.

Running on the energy I felt from her and her potential, I intuitively read her cards.  I instantly knew without a doubt that the messages I received for her were exactly what she needed to dig into to know her next step.

The reading revealed the answers to who she really was and gave her the push to move forward with her purpose aligned dream.  This morning, she wrote me and said she launched her new podcast because our time together gave her the validation she was looking for to follow her heart.



What is Tarot?

A powerful tool that helps you access knowledge deep within your soul, Tarot validates your subconscious truth.  It activates your innermost knowing that often sits dormant inside of you, the truth of how to be yourself.  Tarot is your GPS, your navigator, a direct pipeline to your intuition and guides you to take inspired action and live a life aligned with your purpose.

What Tarot is Not

Contrary to popular belief, Tarot is not a fortune telling tool.  It can show you possible outcomes based on your current actions and circumstances, but because you are a human and practice freewill, you have the power to change these outcomes.

It is not the devil’s work.  Unlike as it often depicted in films and tv, tarot is a powerful intuitive tool that gives you spiritual guidance and connects you to your own wisdom and guides you on your journey to be yourself.  

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How Tarot Shows You How to Be Yourself

1) Uncover Blocks 

  • As you move through life, you invariably will have dreams and desires and set goals to achieve them.  
  • As you move along your path, you will face obstacles that you will have to navigate around.
  • A lot of times, however, we don’t see the roadblocks in front of us and cannot understand why we never seem to reach where we want to go. 
  • Tarot can help uncover these subconscious ways we sabotage ourselves in our quest towards growth and opportunity.  

2) Life Lessons/Patterns

  • In the same vein, the blocks you encounter are often part of a repetitive situation or experience you find yourself in time and time again. 
  • Unless you are consciously looking for them, you won’t notice that these experiences are part of a pattern.  These patterns are learning possibilities offered to you as you encounter certain life lessons you are here to master. 

3) Advise Next Steps

  • Another amazing way tarot can help guide you through life is by giving you actionable, doable next steps. 
  • It’s one thing to know what is hindering your progress and an entirely other thing to know what to do next. 
  • The beauty of working with tarot is it not only validates what you already subconsciously know, but also takes who you are and what you are here to learn into account.   It gives you the next breadcrumbs on your path.  

4) Uncover Hidden Fears

  • We all have a shadow side and limiting beliefs
  • Simply stated, our shadows are the parts of us that we don’t acknowledge and instead push aside and submerge into our unconscious. 
  • A clue to our shadow is in what irritates us.  It asks you to look closer at how you are projecting your own fears outside of yourself and blaming it on others or circumstances outside of yourself.  
  • Uncovering and working with your shadow is a lot of work and it is hard to know if you truly are on the right track. Tarot helps you identify the parts of you that you would rather not recognize and helps you turn it into a more constructive energy.  

5) Find Your Purpose

  • We all want meaning in our life.  Even if you don’t completely acknowledge this fact, it’s a basic tenet of the human experience. 
  • Your soul has a reason for being here.  Unless you express that reason, you will never feel fulfilled. 
  • Tarot helps you not only pinpoint the major soul lessons you are here to learn, it also shines light on what you are here to do in this lifetime. 

6) Reveal Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Closely related to shadow work, using tarot to uncover your particular strengths and weaknesses in a particular situation can help you make the decisions that propel you forward. 
  • This stops any second-guessing or uncertainty as to what you are good at as well as removes the blinders to what you aren’t. 
  • Knowing this moves you forward on your life path and escorts you through difficult situations with more ease and grace.

7) Guides Your Decision Making

  • We all face situations in our lives where we have to make a decision but are unsure as to which decision to make. 
  • This can be especially agonizing for introverts who are biologically wired to take longer to decide.  Tarot lays out your different options, gives you possible outcomes for each and provides advice on how to make your decision.  
  • As a person with an introverted brain, having more information at my fingertips is a powerful tool in my pocket to cut my overanalyzing way down.  

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8) Helps You Manifest Your Goals

  • Clarity is a mental space I love playing in.  For me, there is no better feeling than knowing where I am going and how to get there with absolute certainty. 
  • However, most times, this certainty is elusive.
  • The wonderful thing about tarot is it gives you that clarity when you know what you want but are stuck in not knowing how to get there. 
  • It’s like having your own personal GPS with step by step directions to your end destination. 

9) Gives You Probable Outcomes Based on Your Current Path

  • Using that GPS is amazing but what if you are heading toward a goal that isn’t in your best interest?
  • Checking in with your goal periodically is always a good idea to make sure you are still heading in the right direction. 
  • Tarot is perfect for this, taking your situation, soul purpose and life lessons into account. 
  • It highlights the goals that aren’t serving you and can point you instead in a new direction. 

10) Insight into Who You Are

  • Perhaps most importantly, tarot gives you an understanding of who you truly are at your core. 
  • It helps you live authentically and without conforming to the expectations of anyone but yourself. 
  • By living authentically, you experience the ultimate freedom that comes with aligning completely with your purpose in this lifetime. 

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Did anything surprise you about what Tarot can do? 


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